Software license and terms of service agreements are standard all over the world, yet today, very few app publishers protect themselves with these simple legal documents.

CalOPPA, COPPA and the EU Data Privacy Directive laws require apps to have a privacy policy that is easy for users to find and understand. Some of the largest publishers have built their own legal notice systems, but CliqWrap allows publishers of all sizes to deliver world-class legal and privacy notices.

Create Once, Use Everywhere

Deliver easy-to-use legal notices and policies in a streamlined way, increasing your company’s transparency. The CliqWrap service integrates into your apps with under 10 lines of code ( just 1 line for websites! ). Policy changed? Click a button on the dashboard and every user will be required to opt in to the new policy.

Here’s How CliqWrap Works
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Already have TOS, EULA or Privacy Policy?

CliqWrap allows you to easily link to existing legal notices. If they don’t exist, our NoticeBuild service lets you easily create world-class notices that look great and read easily on all devices.

Special CliqWrap Benefits for Publishers with Multiple Games

CliqWrap stores user acceptance of your TOS / EULA, allowing new games to bypass requesting duplicate approvals. When your legal agreements change, one button resets approvals so all users will see the new terms at next login.

By maintaining a single corporate TOS, EULA and privacy policy, your compliance efforts will be dramatically reduced.

Account Levels & Pricing

CliqWrap is priced based on notices delivered. There is no monthly subscription. Estimate usage based on the notices you intend to deliver. TOS & EULA users should estimate initial startup sessions, while privacy policies will be requested much less frequently.